Emergency Drone Specialization


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Number of free places: 15
Duration: 15 hours of course
Price: €2 160,00 VAT excl.
VAT exemption under Article 44 § 2 of the VAT Code
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・ This first aid module allows you to see all the main emergency situations of the classic first aid module while paying particular attention to possible risks associated with drone operations.
・ Obtain a regulatory patent, approved by the Ministry of Employment and Labor.
・ Strengthen measures to protect workers' work and safety.
・ Complete the continuous training plan on the social balance sheet.

Admission conditions

No admission requierement


・ Call to emergency services
・Notions of classic first aid
・ Description of a drone and its hazards
・Drone, Associated Injuries
・ Drone Injury Care
・ Different risks associated with drone use
・ Hazards for emergency responders
・ Electrical Risks
・ The propeller in motion: deep and multiple wound
・Drone Falls
・ Presentation of a special Drone first aid kit



Rue de la Station 19

1300 LIMAL

or in your company...

Required papers for registration

Registration form for individuals - Registration form for company
You have to send this paper by post to Fact Training Center, 19 rue de la Station - 1300 Limal, « to the attention of the reception », or by mail to « [email protected] ». Do not forget to enclose the necessary annexes to your registration.
For the use of training checks, we need the two codes and the data sheet of each participant (download here).


Price per group (min. 10 pers.): €2160

We included in our price:
・Bottles of water
・Lunch and drink
*VAT-exempt price according to Article 44 of the VAT Code

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010 418 840

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