First aid

Canine First Aid


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Number of free places: 15
Duration: 6 hours of course
Price: €95 VAT incl.
VAT: 21%

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  • The objective of these days is not to replace the veterinarian, far from it: but rather to learn to transport his animal to the health specialist, without aggravating his general condition, to manage the emergency when one is only. 
  • No invasive gesture is addressed during our sessions, but many actions to know when you are a responsible owner. 
  • The owner and the veterinarian must form a team at the service of the health of the animal.

Admission conditions

  • Condition: No prerequisites required.
  • Target audience: Accessible to any citizen, from 12 years old.


  • Anatomy and physiology of the dog
  • The normal constants of the dog
  • Composition of the first aid kit
  • Emergency clearances
  • Assessments of the situation
  • Vital emergencies
  • Traffic accidents
  • Traumatic injuries of bones and joints
  • Haemorrhages
  • Wounds and cuts
  • Broken or ripped claws
  • Burns and frostbite
  • Heat stroke
  • Drowning
  • Stomach dilation-torsion syndrome
  • The hernia
  • Poisoning
  • Insect picks and bites
  • Eye accidents
  • Ear problems
  • Seizures
  • Hypoglycemic attacks


Rue de la station, 19
B-1300 LIMAL

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You have to send this paper by post to Fact Training Center, 19 rue de la Station - 1300 Limal, « to the attention of the reception », or by mail to « [email protected] ». Do not forget to enclose the necessary annexes to your registration.


100 € per person
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Coffee / Tea
Bottles of water and drink

* Price exempt from VAT according to article 44 of the VAT code

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