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The processing of complaints and difficult customers


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・ Teach  customer-related staff how to act in a crisis situation in the face of a dissatisfied or aggressive client
・ Improve the treatment of client incidents and claims by identifying the causes of their hostilities
・ Adopt verbal and non-verbal behaviors appropriate to context and psychological analysis

Admission conditions

No admission requirement


  • The context of the claim: definitions, typology, legitimacy of the client requesting and personality profile. Avoid escalation and typology of criticism
  • Client change satisfies the client with dissatisfaction: perceived strengths and weaknesses and promises made
  • Client profile requesting: definition of satisfied customers, service rendered, lived and felt, concept of quality
  • Value system, emotions, different personality types and their detections. How to Adapt Our Communication Mode
  • The gesture of the complaint: listening techniques, questioning, the notion of empathy, argument, negotiation, saying no and ending the controversy


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