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Teamwork - Cohesion


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Number of free places: 15
Duration: 6 hours of course
Price: €820,00 VAT excl.
VAT exemption under Article 44 § 2 of the VAT Code
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・ Develop autonomy, the sense of responsibility of each member
・ Recognize differences in perception as a source of enrichment
・ Create relational conditions to create collective dynamics
・ Strengthen team spirit, trust, corporate culture

Admission conditions

No admission requirement


・ Group work: concepts, mechanisms, strategic inputs
・Group dynamics
・ Compose with different personalities self-esteem, stress, coaching
・ Professional and ethical positioning in team work
・The 3 stages of team development
・ Good relationships within a group, basic tools
・ Analysis of strengths and weaknesses, strategies to be put in place, shared visions
・ Evaluation
・ Communication exercises: group decision-making, membership,...



Rue de la Station 19

1300 LIMAL

or in your company...

Required papers for registration

Registration form for individuals - Registration form for company
You have to send this paper by post to Fact Training Center, 19 rue de la Station - 1300 Limal, « to the attention of the reception », or by mail to « [email protected] ». Do not forget to enclose the necessary annexes to your registration.


Price per group: €820

We included in our price:
・Bottles of water
・Lunch and drink

*VAT-exempt price according to Article 44 of the VAT Code

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