Drone Security Officer


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Number of free places: 15
Duration: 0 hours of course
Price: €950,00 VAT excl.
VAT: 21%
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・ Development of scenario and situation: registration plate encryption, crowd monitoring, heat clearance, pipe leak, ...
・ What equipment for which missions: mission-specific needs analysis
・Day and night waves
・Lift of doubt
・ Image transmission
・ Communication between pilot, cader and intervenors

Admission conditions

・ Be a Class 1 Pilot
・ In order of medical examination LAPL
・ Have the  Security guard - Basic certificate - Royal Decree of 23 May 2018 - 139h


・ The drone and security markets are growing.
・ Drones can provide qualitative responses to an increasingly diverse demand for custodial and safety: reactivity, overflight of inaccessible sites, long distance video feedback... They can be used for prevention, detection and response purposes for both individuals and infrastructure.
・ The pilot and the drone are one, the drone being an extension of human limitations: a shock duo!
・EspaceDrone and Fact combine their strengths and skills to offer quality and tailor-made vocational training.



Aérodrome de Namur (Temploux)

Rue du Capitaine Aviateur Jacquet 44, 5020 Namur

Required papers for registration

Registration form for individuals - Registration form for company
You have to send this paper by post to Fact Training Center, 19 rue de la Station - 1300 Limal, « to the attention of the reception », or by mail to « [email protected] ». Do not forget to enclose the necessary annexes to your registration.


€950 (HTVA 21%) including:
・ Registration
・administrative costs
・ Examination fees

-10% for applicants from a FACT Group and EspaceDrone Academy course

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010 418 840

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